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Query Optimization!

Context: Recently, I was asked to load some data quickly for a particular tab. For around 1000 rows of data, it was taking almost 40-45 seconds! The admins had to wait for a long time when they used to see… Continue Reading →

How to import large SQL dump file in MySQL using CMD

In this tutorial, I will show you how to import a large SQL file (1GB<) to MySQL database using Windows Command Line. This tutorial will cover both Windows and Linux platform as those commands are the same for both OS…. Continue Reading →

Database Event(1.1) : Scheduler Event

Definition: The MySQL Event Scheduler is a process which runs in the background and constantly looks for events to execute. DB Outline & Context of the example: Suppose, we are monitoring traffic intensity in our living city Dhaka, Bangladesh. Android,… Continue Reading →

CRUD inside Database in IONIC Framework

Introduction: Ionic apps are created and developed primarily through the Ionic command line utility (the “CLI”), and use Cordova to build and deploy as a native app. This means we need to install a few utilities to get developing. To… Continue Reading →

No More Redundant Data !

Background In every real life Application, Database is a must. It might reside in Backend (ex: MySQL server-side) or in Application-end (ex: Android’s Local DB) to make application user-friendly and fetch data faster. A handy knowledge on Database always makes… Continue Reading →

Database’s 4 Transaction Properties

Basic Terminologies: Table: where all the information of the real world is stored. Database(DB) : comprises of Table(s) . Server: where the Database is hosted. A Database might be hosted in USA/Bangladesh etc. Transaction:  An example might be transferring money… Continue Reading →

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