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Animesh Kar

Query Optimization!

Context: Recently, I was asked to load some data quickly for a particular tab. For around 1000 rows of data, it was taking almost 40-45 seconds! The admins had to wait for a long time when they used to see… Continue Reading →

Database Event(1.1) : Scheduler Event

Definition: The MySQL Event Scheduler is a process which runs in the background and constantly looks for events to execute. DB Outline & Context of the example: Suppose, we are monitoring traffic intensity in our living city Dhaka, Bangladesh. Android,… Continue Reading →

Database Event(1.0) : Triggering

DML: According to Wikipedia, A data manipulation language (DML) is a family of syntax elements similar to a computer programming language used for selecting, inserting, deleting and updating data in a database. Triggering: Whenever you operate any DML operations in… Continue Reading →

No More Redundant Data !

Background In every real life Application, Database is a must. It might reside in Backend (ex: MySQL server-side) or in Application-end (ex: Android’s Local DB) to make application user-friendly and fetch data faster. A handy knowledge on Database always makes… Continue Reading →

Clean Code is what everyone expects !

Freshers and Software Companies (1.0) The Software Industry is cruel. Freshers think that after completing graduation they will join some office and code there which will be satisfactory. Is it actually? No, definitely not. What will you develop? Why the… Continue Reading →

Database’s 4 Transaction Properties

Basic Terminologies: Table: where all the information of the real world is stored. Database(DB) : comprises of Table(s) . Server: where the Database is hosted. A Database might be hosted in USA/Bangladesh etc. Transaction:  An example might be transferring money… Continue Reading →

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